My interest in photography began at an early age. As a child, during the late 1940′s and early 50′s, I found great joy in looking at our family photos, as well as an interest in the photographs published in the magazines of the day. Around 1960 or so, I discovered a Voightlander folding camera that had been given to my mother, and with her blessing I began to expose a few rolls of film. A few years later while in high school I was given the opportunity to be a part of a photo class that was created by a recent graduate of RIT, who was the Graphic Arts teacher. This was a rare program made possible by a grant and existed for only 3 years. It was limited to a small group of 6 or 7 students that had to have the recommendation of the art teacher, who to my good fortune was a neighbor and close friend.  So began a journey in which photography was and is a major part. In the early 1960′s living in Connecticut I knew little of the world of photography besides the images seen in “Life”, “Look”, “National Geographic” and other publications of the time. However I did know that for me photography was pure magic and I loved it.

Over the years I’ve worked as an architectural photographer, a freelance photographer, a studio & darkroom manager, a photographic instructor, a gallery manager, and served as Director of Photography for Photo-graphics Workshop from 1972 through 1984. In 1995 I made the decision to stop all commercial photography and to devote my time to photographing freely, without any thought of money. Since my start in photography I have always had a camera ready to record the wonder and beauty of life. This is the work that comprises the majority of 45 years of image making.

Along the way I have had many great teachers, students, friends and co-workers who have inspired, assisted, and motivated me to whom I give eternal thanks. I will speak of them in more detail when I create a journal.

I feel it is time for me to share these images I have recorded over the years. I trust that they communicate the wonder, love, and joy that I feel while photographing this gift of life in its great and beautiful variety. There is sprit in all of life and it is my feeling that it is revealed to each of us in many ways, for me, especially thru light. I’m sure that is why I am drawn to photography. I give thanks to my grandparents, parents, and all those who encourage me to continue photographing.

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  1. Hello Tom, as you know I love photography also and have done since my 5 year old ‘Brownie’ days. I can honesty say that I have never seen better photographs than yours. Your bio speaks volumes of the work and pleasure seen in the photographs. I often find myself with the right subject but the wrong light and asking myself – now, how would Tom tackle this? I bow to the master. Thank you so much for sharing and uplifting.