Children and Elders

Children and Elders, youth and old age. We are born into this world and we leave it in death. Between these markers of existence we live in time and space which gives us our notions of past, present and future. Does this notion change during our lifetime? Are the children our future or are the …

Radiant Sky

Radiant Sky

By now most of you know I love clouds and that I am often moved to photograph them. I am truly blessed to be living in an area that provides space among the mountains, rivers and lakes of the Catskill Park. By space I am referring to it in the most open way. Space to …

Cloud Rainbow sm

Rainbow Cloud

There are days and then there are days. There are clouds and then there are clouds and on Monday the day was so charged with life that the clouds were dancing and twirling in the sky. I will add some more images soon however I had to get this one posted. Surely one of the …

Morning Light-1c

Morning Light

This photograph is from a series of images called Morning Light our house faces East and in the early morning there is often a fog or mist that burns off as the sun rises.



This photo is from our time living in Alexandria VA near the Potomac River. It was late one afternoon and a fog was building as I went to a park along the river for a walk and had my camera with me. As I looked toward the bridge and highway construction I saw this image …



Spring the season of Rebirth, Renewal and Regrowth. Moving from Winters stillness and time of introspection we become aware of the Sun’s return journey to the North we feel the increase in light and temperature, the ice melts and the rivers flow the Sun sends its warm rays and the Earth thaws and opens to …

spirit in the sky


I call this image Spirit in the Sky what else but Spirit could manifest these forms, shapes, textures and wonders of beauty in Creation. Clouds have inspired and fascinated humans since the beginning of our lives and continue to till the day we return to source. Clouds a form of Water on her journey through …

window ice-1


These photographs of ice formed overnight on our window. I am constantly amazed by the way water reveals itself in nature and the forms it takes in its 3 states solid, liquid and gas. For over 50 years now I have been recording these forms with my camera and am now in the process of …

Blue Hole2

Blue Hole

These images from the Blue Hole speak for the sacredness of water that is not specific to place or time. As we enter the summer season and with it comes the heat of the sun and the longing for an immersion into the world of water and all she offers in the way of beauty, …


Peekamoose Waterfall

This waterfall is 1 of many that are located in the Peekamoose area of the Catskill State Park. Buttermilk Falls one of my favorites is a 15 min. drive from our home which gifts me the¬†opportunity to readily visit this beautiful place and experience changes in the light and weather throughout the changing seasons. Buttermilk …