Spring the season of Rebirth, Renewal and Regrowth. Moving from Winters stillness and time of introspection we become aware of the Sun’s return journey to the North we feel the increase in light and temperature, the ice melts and the rivers flow the Sun sends its warm rays and the Earth thaws and opens to receive them. What was frozen and brown now rebirths in a splendor of colors first the yellows and golds then the rest follow. We humans also awaken from our season of dreams and stories shared by the fireside life now shifts its focus from inside to outside we long to have our hands and feet on and in the Earth planting seeds in trust of the Harvest to come in its time. What seeds are we sowing, for what we sow we shall also reap. May I sow seeds of Love, Kindness, Peace, Beauty and Gratitude for all that Life gifts me and may I have the courage and wisdom to take only what is needed, to be thankful and to remember where I come from, where I am, and where I am going.

The Frog Prince of the Green World of Springtime.

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