Pink Lotus Heart

Pink Lotus Heart

Lotus flowers both beautiful and graceful are usually found growing in the water of ponds and creeks this most eloquent of flowers which blooms on the surface of the water has its roots in the mud and muck of the waters dark depths which gives it a Mystical quality. For many cultures worldwide the Lotus flower bloom takes on a Spiritual meaning of either Ascension, Enlightenment, or Rebirth There is a wealth of symbolism associated with these flowers in Hindu, Buddhist and Egyptian spiritual practices. For the Egyptian it is viewed as a symbol of Rebirth for the Hindu it invokes a sense of Peace, Purity and Eternity and for the Buddhist it has many meanings Patience, Purity, Mysticism, Enlightenment, Love & Compassion for all things, Self Awareness Faithfulness and to rise out of Suffering. There are different meanings associated with the different colors. The pink lotus signifies Purity and Devotion. Most of my Lotus images were photographed at the Aquatic Gardens in Washington DC and some from ponds and water pools that I have visited. To see additional Lotus images please visit my Aquatic Garden gallery

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  1. Kelley Dailing says:

    Out of all the lotus flowers I’ve seen, this is the most beautiful. Thank you for sharing Asher