Blue Hole

Blue Hole2

These images from the Blue Hole speak for the sacredness of water that is not specific to place or time. As we enter the summer season and with it comes the heat of the sun and the longing for an immersion into the world of water and all she offers in the way of beauty, comfort and relief from the heat of the day.These images serve to remind us that water in all of her life supporting qualities and functions sustains all life and is truly sacred and most worthy of our gifts of thanksgiving. What can we possibly offer as our gift to that which gifts to creation freely and continually even as we humans abuse, take for granted, and treat her as a commodity. May these images invoke and convey a sense of wonder, beauty, respect and gratitude and help us to acknowledge that we live a reciprocal existence within all of creation and that when we forget this truth there are consequences. At the end of the summer season the trash was removed and the number of visitors decreased which helped the Blue Hole to restore herself but it was the element of water that poured 7 inches of rain twice within a short period of time to the area that washed clean all traces of human neglect.

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  1. Tom says:

    Trent thank you it is a beautiful swimming hole and in order for our enjoyment to continue we need to be mindful and behave in a respectful way so that Mother Nature enjoys our presence the relationship is not only for the benefit of us humans it is reciprocal.